Costings of The Shoot

As part of the Module i have to do a detailed costing so here goes.


As they where all volunteers this didn’t actually cost me anything

However a little research showed that the going rate is approx £50 per hr  for children of the age that i was shooting , personally i think this is extortionate


As all the locations i used where public areas i didn’t have any costs involved.

Again after looking at some places location fees can vary from a small donation to £400 per day depending on the location.


As the customer was providing the knitted wear again there was no cost involved . This would usually be the case if you where working for some one to advertise their goods.

Camera Equipment 

Portable Studio Shoot

1 light for the backdrops                                            £35

1 light for the backdrops                                           £35

1 x Polar White Backdrop                                          £50

1 x Heavy Duty Backdrop Support Bar                   £37.78

2 x Studio Sandbag                                                    £15

Total                        £172.78

Outdoor Shoot

1 x GN58YN-560 Flash Unit                                    £50

2 x Flash Unit Softboxes                                            £70

1 x Flash Trigger Units                                              £15

Total                       £135

Over All Total       £307.78

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