Didn’t make the Cut

I wanted to see if i had enough images for the 6 shots that i had said i would do . If i hadn’t i would have to try and get another model , hope for good weather and pray i could get in done on time, so i was hoping that i did have 6 images .

I like this shot i think its cute but he looks like he has been held up ( which indeed he was as he was too young to sit up on his own ) the background is a bit too dark and i don’t have any other children of that age to go with this shot so i think the balance of the children would be wrong .

Again i like this shot but its too dark which is not the look i was wanting to go for and again he doesn’t look natural or comfortable and i hadn’t got any more kids of that age .

Great pose and setting but the colour combination of hat/scarf and jacket doesnt work . This is a problem i had with some of the shots , the parents didn’t have warm clothing that had a neutral colour.If it was a shoot for a children’s clothing manufacturer i may have had more selection of clothing .

Again contrasting colours of the children’s outfits that just overpowered the items of knitwear.

Again colours too over powering and a reluctant model created a blurry shot .

clothes and reluctant model don’t make a good combination .

valuable lessons where learnt from this , next time plan ahead what knitted items are going to be worn by the children and make sure that more neutral clothing is worn.It was too cold at this time of year for them to be taking their coats off .

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