Third Outdoor Shoot

As i had shot mainly all girls in my previous shoots , i had hoped for a boy to shoot .Luckily one of my friends that had connected me on Facebook after my posting for had a young lad of 4 who wanted to do it .

I thought i would try Peoples Park again as i hadn’t used it to its full potential. I woke the morning of the shoot and the sky was clear and a yellow orb hung high in the sky . For the first time in weeks it looked like a good day for a shoot . I picked Thane and his dad up at about 10 and made our way to the Park . Thane is a big lad for his age and quite advanced , so i was hoping that would be able to get him to stay still and take directions . I didn’t want to push things, i had found out the hard way by now that kids can have a very short attention span .

I walked on ahead to the band stand and set up my lights quickly to minimise the amount of time Thane would be standing around .I had some ideas in my head of how i wanted the two shoots to go , the first at the band stand the second at one of the bridges .The surface of the band stand was wood and wet so it was very slippy , I nearly slipped twice. Straight away Thane started pulling some very strange poses , after the previous shoots i had learnt to just go with the flow as most times the kid’s would pull a great pose and be natural doing it .

Getting the light right whilst Thane throws some poses .

Starting to get there just need a bit of work on the face .

Thane still settling down

The band stand shoot didn’t work as well as i had hoped but i thought i may have got some good shots.So i decided that before Thane lost interest we would try and get another shoot in at the bridges .

As soon as i got to the bridges the sun was going to be behind Thane and behind the trees , which was giving a nice light behind him .I hadn’t put the lighting down so it was just a case of putting it in place and getting the reading balanced and away we go .

I don’t know why but straight away the shots started working , which was good because i hadn’t realised but Thane could see the swings from where he was and wanted to and wanted to go play on them .I managed to get him to pose for about 20 mins before it was obvious i wasn’t going to get anything out of him . His dad said he would make him do some more shoots if i wanted , but i knew that if we did that i wouldn’t get anything worth while so i said we had done for the day .

Still need work on the facial poses

Just the body poses to work on now

This is one of the shots that i knew would make it through to the final selection

I had thought of taking some shots of Thane playing on the swings but the park was full so i didn’t want to get in any boys way as people can be very funny with people and cameras around their kids.So we just let him play then i took them home .

I was a bit worried as i didn’t think i had enough shots and was running out of time , but was going to have a look at all the shots and see what i had and take it from there.

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